Game Day Workers

Game Day Workers


With the heavy amount of athletic events Oxford High school hosts throughout the year, the athletic department is offering the opportunity to gain community service hours or a paying job. The Student Gameday Staff is a team of part time employees who assist in all areas related to events hosted by Oxford Athletics. We are looking for hard working, detail oriented individuals with a pride and passion for Oxford Athletics. How would you like to be a part of the team? 


Game Day Duties:

  • Provide daily operational support for the Athletics as needed.
  • Perform event set ups and breakdowns
  • Serve in various support rolls for an athletic competitions – Runner, Score Keeper, Gate Management, Security etc.
  • Act as a Guest Service Assistant and assist guests to seats when needed.
  • At the conclusion of an event, Event Staff are to sweep the facility of guests, ensuring that the facility is cleared of the general public.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the event and help to enforce the policies and regulations of the school rules.
  • Knowing evacuation routes in case of an emergency.
  • Welcoming guests and allowing appropriate entry into the venue.


If interested in joining the team, please visit the Oxford Athletic Office and contact the Oxford Event Coordinator Bryan Brandeberry: -

P: (248) 969-5100 *4125 | E:

Passion and Pride is essential for Oxford Athletics!