Oxford Girls' Golf Show True Meaning Of Friendship Park

Oxford Girls' Golf Show True Meaning Of Friendship Park

The 2019 Oxford Wildcat Girls' Golf ended their season in service to the athletes at the Miracle League ballfield at Lake Orion's Friendship Park. The ball field is an adapted field meaning athletes of all abilities can experience the joy of playing baseball. Our golfers and parents were "Buddies", helped with 50/50, passed out candy and cheered the Lugnuts and Hooks teams! Each golfer was responsible for helping a baseball player, their buddy, hit the ball, and ran or wheeled around the bases. 

"I was so proud of our team. They fully committed to helping their buddies have the very best day! It was an honor to share the field with them today." Varsity coach Gretchen Gabler said. 

The game was 2 innings of hits catches and smiles. Today was the final game for the inaugural season of the park and a Halloween party! It was 46 degrees at game time but being in the service of others was soul warming and we look forward to participating next year! 

After the game when asked about the game - 

  • Ella Klimowicz said "The kids were so sweet! I felt so honored and blessed for such an experience.
  • Elizabeth Grabowski said "It was a touching experience which proved that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.  I would suggest it to anyone who hasn't done it!" 
  • Natalie Lindstrom said "It was so amazing to see the buddies and their friend interact with each other. It was a very heart filling experience.
  • Dave Gabler said "I will always remember my buddy and how much we smiled" Hannah Beebe said "it was wonderful being a buddy and cheering on such amazing kids"
  • Eryn Petriko said "It was a very fun experience and I am planning on returning as a buddy next season"
  • Janelle Grech said "Getting to be a buddy in the miracle league was one of the best experiences I have had. I had the sweetest buddy who was just so happy and constantly made me smile! I hope to become more involved in the spring and summer and make even more buddies!"
  • JV Coach Tony Frias said "No matter what situation you are in, just find the fun and happiness in what you are doing. Living in the moment and appreciating it is what these kids taught me."
  • Pat Damer our volunteer swing coach said "Our athletes today learned so much about overcoming perceived obstacles and playing sports for the true joy of the game, these lessons are gifts from our especially abled buddies."

Oxford Girls' Golf looks forward to being buddies next year, for "it is in giving that we receive"