ESPORTS Takes Off In Oxford High School!

ESPORTS Takes Off In Oxford High School!

(Article By Gabe Moccia) -

Season one

For the Smash Bros community it all started before the first season of esports was even announced with the SADD tourney. There it united everyone's love of Smash Bros in a one on one tournament match. After that it started to carry-on through weeklies every friday held after school this was community driven where people brought in monitors and switch setups. It started to last a while but, soon people started leaving and there were only 6-7 people for the tourney. Then there was a long break during the summer and little tourneys at the beginning of school. 

Then there was an announcement of a Esports club at the end of the day around the beginning of October. There were about 25-35 students when it was first announced and some joined overtime. There was an issue which drove a bunch of people away being the cost of $200. Luckily, The Oxford Athletic Dept. had sponsors which helped pay for the players. Then everyone waited for the starting week some practiced all the time while some felt confident in their skills and focused on school. The hype didn't pick up until the first day of competitions where everyone carpooled with the person who is the leader and helped organize rides and an off season tourney: Owen Gross.

The first match was against Ferndale University High School and we were undefeated with no games lost. Next was against Clarkston with only one game lost. The first two matches we blew through easy then we went up against Lake Orion who was a challenge but we won 9-7. Finally, was Ferndale who was the most challenging since at the end of the four matchups, it ended in the tie so we had a tiebreaker where our best player there-Sam Matteson-fought against Ferndale's best and won. After all that was grand finals, where the four best schools go through a one on one tourney where placements mattered. In the end Oxford won by a landslide thanks to: Sam Matteson 2nd, David Burean 1st, Owen Gross 7th, Drew Raab 4th, and their sub, Gabe Moccia didn't arrive. 

After the season, everyone in the community held an individual tournament where Sam Matteson took 1st place. Everyone hopes to hold weekly friendlies and every two weeks hold a tourney somewhere in the Oxford Highschool. We also hope-for next season-to have a complete League of Legends team and Rocket League team. In order for this to happen we have reached out to teachers and continue talking to the Oxford Athletic Dept. to improve. We think this can be a staple for Oxford High School alongside the competitive MHSAA teams!